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Why I Started Driving Brand You

When people ask me this question, they are usually pretty surprised at the answer.

Most think the reason I started DBY was to help automotive sales professionals break out from under their dealerships social media strategy and into one of their own. A social media and brand building strategy that is 100% under their own control and that will follow them anywhere, regardless of which dealership they work for now or in the future

But that statement is more of the “what” Driving Brand You does for automotive salespeople, but not exactly the reason “why” I started this company.

To find the “why”, you’ll have to understand my background and the work I’ve been doing for over 35 years.

From my first job as a paperboy at 11 years old to my current “job” running two businesses, my career path has always had one main focus: customer service. Whether it’s working in retail or marketing or running a business, it all comes down to making sure the customer is as satisfied as possible with whatever product or service you are offering.

And, yes, my automotive sales clients are my direct customers. They are the ones I talk with and coach on a weekly basis and I enjoy every minute of it. But they aren’t the main reason why I started this company.

The main reason why I started DBY was to help change the automotive buying experience for car buyers.

Let’s face it, ever since cars were invented, buying them has been a pain in the ass. From driving to numerous dealerships, kicking tires and taking test drives to the more modern way of shopping for cars by researching on the internet, in the end, you still have to deal with a salesperson to ultimately purchase your car.

Like breathing, it seems the mistrust and anxiety felt when having to deal with a salesperson is ingrained into all of us from birth. It’s tough, because I’ve worked with so many great salespeople who truly care about their customers. But if there’s no way for a customer to differentiate one salesperson from another, they will walk into that dealership with all their mistrust and anxiety at 100%. Now you have to work extra hard to gain their trust before you can even start working on a deal.

With Driving Brand You, I hope to help as many great salespeople as I can build a highly reputable brand separate from their dealerships so customers can easily discover them online. Customers who are desperate to find a trustworthy and knowledgable salesperson to help with their next car purchase.

Now, when a customer walks into the dealership, they know exactly who they will be working with and their reputation. That mistrust and anxiety block will be gone and a deal will be easier to make. Then, when it comes time for that customer to recommend that salesperson to a friend (whether in real life or online), that customer knows exactly where to point their friend to learn more about that salesperson.

In the end, if I make the car buying experience a much more enjoyable and less anxious event for just one customer, I’ll know I’ve made a difference.