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It’s All About The Customer

I’ve watched customer service and marketing trends over the past 3 decades and this current era of social media is the biggest shift in customer interaction since the telephone. Before social media, we were always told that one customer’s experience can influence up to 10 people in their circle of friends and family. Now with social media, that influential circle could be in the thousands!

One bad experience buying a car and your customer takes ten seconds to tweet about their experience and you could lose hundreds of potential future customers. Think about that for a second.

I’ve found that automotive dealerships are one of the most difficult industries to bring into this new world of social media. The automotive sales experience has been cloaked in secrecy and confusion for decades. It has created generations of car buyers who have anxiety at the very thought of buying a car.

Never mind the fact that this type of behavior has also created a dog-eat-dog mentality within the dealership itself. Salespeople are desperate to get the sale and will do anything to get it. There is distrust between salespeople and managers with no sense of team what so ever. The customer can sense that in a dealership. Sense the anxiety and pressure on the salesperson. It all comes together to create the most unwelcome atmosphere this side of the DMV.

I myself LOVE getting a new car. My father taught me never to be afraid of salespeople. They need me to stay in business. I’m buying a car from them, they aren’t selling a car to me. Unfortunately, not everyone has a dad like mine to coach them about how to prepare for war when buying a car.

Purchasing a car should be a wonderful experience! The customer should have the biggest damn smile on their face when they get into their new car and drive it off the lot! But when I’ve worked at dealerships and watched some people drive away in their new car, there is that “shit what did I just buy?” look on their faces because they know they were just manipulated into something they didn’t want.

Seeing that look on customers’s faces disgusts me and it should disgust you too. The only time you will see that customer again is if they leased the car and they are returning three years later to drop off the keys.

I’m here to help you create a welcome and stress free environment for your customers. It’s not going to be easy. You will have to change your mindset of how things have been done for decades. By letting go of the push push push mentality of the past and embracing the transparency and community building concepts of this current generation of doing business, your current and future customers will benefit immensely.