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Curating Content Keeps Your Social Media Streams Fresh with Less Work

Trying to create your own content to fill all your social media streams to keep them fresh is a lot of hard work. There’s the recommended 3 posts a day on Facebook, 3 posts a day on Instagram, 1 video a week on YouTube…well, you get the idea.

The good news is all that content doesn’t necessarily need to be yours to keep your streams fresh every day.

Curated content can be anything from tweets, Facebook posts, blog posts, etc that are created by other people (or companies) that you think would be beneficial for your audience to see as well.

Let’s say, for example, you’re an automotive sales professional at a VW dealership and you follow VW’s Facebook page (as you should). You see on your stream that VW posted a pretty cool video walk-thru of their new Jetta’s Digital Cockpit. Wouldn’t your followers like to see that as well?

You can then use VW’s post as part of your recommended “3 Facebook posts per day”. Just simply share the post with your Facebook followers.

It’s the same if you find something fascinating on your Twitter stream. Simply re-tweet that post with your Twitter followers.

Instead of reposting or re-tweeting content at the spur-of-the-moment when you come across the content on your streams, it’s much easier to plan your curated content throughout your day and week with services like Buffer and CoSchedule.

With their integrated mobile apps and browser extensions, you’re only a couple of taps away from adding curated content to a queue for later automatic posting to your accounts.

Twitter is usually the first thing I check in the morning and it’s very easy to simply tap on the Buffer extension within my Twitter app and add a piece of content to my queue. I will toss a dozen pieces of content into my queue in about 20 minutes and that will give me about 2-3 days worth of curated content.

What’s even better is you can setup Buffer to repost the content in your queue at specific times during that day when you know your followers are most likely watching.

It’s the same with their Safari and Chrome extensions. If I come across a great blog post on the web, I simply tap the extension and add it to my queue.

Your very own content based on your own ideas and experience is the best content you can post and it’s the main reason your followers follow you. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only information that would be beneficial for your followers.

Curated content can bring more value to your followers if done correctly. It can also build lasting relationships with your fellow content creators as well which, in turn, may spur them to start reposting your content in kind.