Ride The Hashtag Wave for Easier Community Engagement

by | Feb 16, 2018

The Hashtag. For those of us over about 30 years of age, we grew up calling them pound signs. But over the past few years, hashtags have taken over the world.

Shortly after Twitter became a household name, users started using the hashtag (#) symbol before a word or phrase (with no spaces) to help group tweets together. Whether it’s an event, or a TV show, or a new iPhone model, hashtags make finding and joining conversations easier.

In the beginning, it was easy to start a trending hashtag. But now, with over 320 million active monthly users on Twitter and 800 million on Instagram, it’s almost impossible to create a trending hashtag without being a worldwide recognized brand.

So how can you use hashtags to join conversations and build your community? You simply ride the hashtag wave, dude. What I mean by that is, instead of creating a brand new hashtag of your own, which practically has no chance of getting any traction, you should join the conversation within an existing trending hashtag.

Say, for instance, you’re located in the northeast and a particular winter storm comes along. For the past few years, snow storms are named like hurricanes been have for decades. Usually that ends up being a trending hashtag (or topic) used by people who are talking about, and getting ready for, that particular snowstorm. The Weather Channel and the Twitter accounts of local news stations will also use the hashtag to keep followers up to date on things like snow fall amounts and school closings.

Does your dealership have any all-wheel drive vehicles in your inventory? If so, why not tweet or post an Instagram photo with something like “Our Subaru Impreza laughs at #Snowpocalypse with it’s Symmetrical All Wheel Drive system” or “With Audi Quattro, #Snowstorm #Juno doesn’t stand a chance”.

Twitter and Instagram users searching for those hashtags to stay informed about the storm or see pictures of the snow will also see your tweets and images with the same hashtag. The sky’s the limit as far as the trending hashtags you can use. Just keep it on topic and by no means turn your tweet or gram into an ad.

Hashtags are not limited to Twitter or Instagram, Facebook just recently hopped onto the hashtag bandwagon with usage swiftly gaining popularity.

Hashtags are here to stay and it’s very easy to take advantage of the power they can give your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook campaigns. Just remember to have fun, bring value or entertainment and never sell.


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